Skills Clinics

Optional Shooting and Defense clinics are available to participants registered in our Full Day Camps. Each clinic provides 4, one-hour ice sessions scheduled throughout the week. Participants attend all four sessions and may register in a maximum of 2 clinics. 

Clinic sessions are scheduled either before or after day camp hours. *Please note that there may be blocks of time between the day camp and the clinics. Parents are responsible for their child during that break*


Age/Level Requirement: Must be at least 7 years old.

Shooting clinics work to improve speed and accuracy of shots. Emphasis is placed on technique, speed and accuracy of wrist, backhand, snap, flip and slap-shots. 


Age/Level Requirement: Must be at least 9 years old.

Players will learn skating techniques specific to the position as well as one-one-one play, play in front of the net, corner play, pinning and other aspects of defensive and team play. 

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