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We just returned from your hockey camp that was held in Calgary last week and I wanted to tell you that we were very impressed. My son thoroughly enjoyed himself. We were somewhat nervous coming to Calgary from Yellowknife, with Storm (my son) not knowing any of the other kids, but the way you guys run your program instantly put us all at ease. By mid morning on the first day he was telling me how much fun he was having. Not only did he have fun, but he told me when he woke up on the second morning how much he had learned. Now this kid, while only 9, has been playing hockey for 4+ years and has attended many hockey camps. He was very impressed that you took the time to not only show him the skills but teach him how to do them correctly. You have resurfaced an excitement in him for hockey and he is looking forward to his upcoming season as are we.

Thank you - We'll be back!
Jo-Anne (and Storm) Hubert

Jo-Anne (and Storm) Hubert

Dear Brenda,

I'm back home! I can't say thank you enough for your great support on & off the ice. People who met in Okotoks did great things for us!

That's unforgettable thing for me, Jota & Dai. Especially Dai really improves his hockey very much! He told me he improved his skills, skating & knowing of hockey in this week much better than last ten years.

Thank you very much again to your staff! I have to save my money for next year!


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