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  • Who can register for our camps?
    Skaters and goalies who attend Black Elk Days Camps are generally between the ages of 6-15. As a developmental hockey camp, many players tend to have varying degress of hockey experience and we place them into groups based on both age and level played. Our instructors monitor groups closely to ensure each child is matched well to their group and may make minor changes accordingly. Participants do not need hockey experience but should have reasonable skating ability.
  • How do I register?
    The quickest and easiest way to register is online - its very easy! It is important to provide us with an email address as camp correspondence is provided electronically. Once you are registered in our Active Network system, you may access your account at any time to pay balances, or print receipts.
  • How can I pay for registration?
    You must have a VISA or Mastercard in order to register online. For all other registrations we will accept VISA, Mastercard, cheque or etranfers to Prior to May 1st of the camp year, a $100 non-refundable deposit is required upon registration to hold a spot in our camp. The balance owing is due on May 1st of the camp year to finalize registration. New registrations after May 1st require full payment.
  • What is the refund policy?
    Refunds will be issued up to July 1st of the current camp season, less the $100 non-refundable deposit. After July 1st refunds less the $100 non-refundable deposit will be issued in the event of injury when accompanied by a doctor’s note. In the event of injury during the camp, the refund will be pro-rated based on the days attended less the $100 non-refundable deposit. No refund will be provided if a player leaves on his/her own accord or is expelled from the camp.
  • What activities do your camps include?
    Day camp activities include 2 ice sessions each day (power skating and ice skills), off ice instruction as well as chalk talk. Players will also take part in two, controlled scrimmages throughout the week as well as a final game on their last day. In Half Day Camps, players take part in powerskating, ice skills and off-ice games. Emphasis is placed on developing FUNdamental skills in agility, balance, coordination and speed. Day Camps | Half Day Camps.
  • What are the times of the camps?
    Day camps operate approximately 9am to 3pm each day. Schedules vary day to day and camp to camp based on the number of groups and ice time availability. Specific schedules are available approximately one week prior to the camp start date. Optional clinics are generally scheduled at the end of the day camp and will run into the evening. Half Day Camps take place in the mornings and end between 12pm and 1pm.
  • What are the optional clinics?
    Shooting and Defence clinics are offered to day camp participants only. Each clinic consists of 4, one-hour sessions of on-ice instruction specific to each area. Participants attend all four sessions. Participants may register for a maximum of 2 clinics. Please note there are age restrictions. Clinics are separate from the day camp schedule and take place before or after the day camp hours. There may be a span of time between the end of the participant's day camp schedule and their clinic session. Parents are responsible for their children during that break.
  • How are the groups for the day camp determined?
    We divide the registrants into groups of approximately 30 (including goalies). We use birth years to determine the basic group structure and then we use their hockey level to fine tune the groups. If you would like your child to be in the same group as a friend, they should be the same age. When registering online, there is an optional question requesting who the player would like to be grouped with.
  • Do you accept goalies?
    We accept goalies for all of our full day and 3 on 3 camps. During the day camp, the goalies will be assigned a basic group schedule in which they participate in the variety of activities with the skaters. In addition, they will be given a goalie school schedule. This schedule will comprise of approximately 1.5 hours of separate goalie instruction each day. The goalies will miss part of the regular day camp schedule for this session. In addition, we invite the goalies to attend some of our shooting clinics at no charge.
  • What equipment do the participants need to bring?
    Participants will require the following for their camp: Full set of hockey equipment, including neck guard Water Bottle Running Shoes Gym wear (shorts, t-shirt, socks etc...). Many activities will take place outdoors so please dress appropriately Extra stick (if you have one) for ball hockey Mouthguards are recommended but not required All equipment is the participants' and their parents' responsibility. Please label all items with the participants' name. We are not responsible for lost or stolen belongings. In addition, parents are responsible for ensuring that the participants' equipment is safe. We are not able to do equipment checks for everyone in our camps. Participants must bring their equipment each day and take it home each evening as no storage is provided at the arenas.
  • Do we need to pack a lunch?
    Lunch programs are available through the arena concession at most of our locations. Costs vary but range between $50-70 for the week. While we encourage concession operators to offer healthy selections, we cannot guarantee menu items. Participants may also bring their lunches if they choose not to participate in the lunch program. We also recommend bringing small, healthy snacks to eat throughout the day. *In the event the lunch program will not be offered at a specific location, you will be made aware via email*
  • What if the camp I want is full?
    If your requested camp is full, our online registration system will allow you to be placed on a wait list. If a spot becomes available, you will be contacted via email.
  • Who are the instructors in the camps?
    All of our on-ice instructors are experienced players and/or coaches, many of whom have played or coached pro, college/university, major junior, Junior A or AAA hockey.
  • Who looks after my child while they are at camp?
    Each camp is supervised by a Director who oversees all operations for the week. Participants are supervised by instructors, junior instructors as well as counselors who are assigned to groups. Counsellors are with their group at all times during the regular day camp schedule. They take them from session to session, assisting with equipment and tying of skates, lunches and the general day-to-day running of the camp. Younger groups may be assigned 2 counsellors.
  • Are parents/gaurdians required to assist with equipment and skate?
    Yes. Parents of younger children are strongly encouraged to help with equipment and skates if their schedule allows and volunteers are always welcome. Employment opportunities as counselors are open to parents as well and serve as a great way to get involved in the camp.
  • What is the participant: instructor ratio in the day camp?
    The on-ice ratio is 25 skaters to 3 instructors. In addition, we have 1-2 counsellors included in all activities.
  • Are jerseys included in the registration fee?
    Black Elk jerseys are optional and available for purchase when you register online and in person at the camp itself. Please ensure your child has a practice jersey if you choose not to purchase one.
  • What is the In-Person Registration and am I required to attend?
    In-Person Registration is a "check-in" and orientation event for parents and participants. You are strongly encouraged to attend the In-Person Registration which takes place the day before the full day camp begins. It allows us to complete administrative duties for the camp and allow for a seamless transition into activities on the first official day. At these events, participants come to the arena and pick up their schedules for the day camp. In addition, each event offers an hour long free skate for participants (please bring only skates, gloves and helmets). At these times, parents can sign their children up for the concession lunch program. Following the free skate, there is a short assembly where the instructors and counsellors are introduced and important information is provided for parents and participants regarding the everyday running and expectations of the day camp. When you register initially, you will receive a confirmation letter containing information about the In-Person Registration event for your camp. Please read through carefully. If you are unable to attend please contact us to let us know.
  • When will I recieve a schedule?
    Because schedules are subject to change based on last minute additions and changes to group lists, they are not sent out prior to the camp start date. You will receive a hard copy when you register at In-Person Registration. We understand the need to make arrangements for transportation, car pooling and work schedules, so you may contact us directly and we will do our best to provide you with the most current information available; keeping in mind that minor changes may occur.
  • How do I get a tax receipt?
    When you register for a camp, you are automatically set up with an account on our Active Network database. You may access your account online to print off a receipt at anytime. Please contact us if you experience difficulty accessing your account.
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